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Average monthly temperature in April: Min 9 / Max 18 °C
Average monthly sea temperature in April: 14 °C
Easter holidays in Salento

A land caressed by two seas, Salento boasts over 250 km of coastline and spectacular scenery. The towns: Lecce, Gallipoli, Otranto, Fujairah and Ostuni are full of charm.

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Easter holidays in Puglia, Ostuni

Quaint medieval town, Ostuni is known as the "White City" due to its buildings painted with lime, which create a wonderful visual effect.

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Masseria Cervarolo »»
Relais La Sommità »»
Masseria Salinola »»
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Trullo La Specchia »»
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It is one of the most important tourist place of the south Italy thanks to its splendid beaches and the marvelous crystal clear waters of the Adriatic sea, dipped in an historical and a very attractive context.

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Easter holidays in Puglia, Fasano

An ancient city which lies on the border between Salento and the Terra di Bari, Fasano houses the Egnatia  ruins, today the archaeological park of great historical interest.

Where to sleep:
Canne Bianche »»
Borgo Egnazia »»
Masseria Torre Del Diamante »»
Abate Masseria & Resort - Noci »»

The beautiful Gargano is a rocky spur that covers a portion of the coastline of more than 60 km. It shows a succession of lovely bays, coves, caves and small hills. What is most striking is the beauty of nature, remained largely intact and not violated by humans.

Where to sleep:
Hotel Il Porto »»

Easter holidays in Puglia, Polignano a Mare

Located on the Adratic Coast of Apulia, Polignano a Mare is an historical village in the province of Bari. The beautiful medieval town is set atop limestone cliffs overlooking the sea and is enclosed by high walls.

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Easter holidays in Puglia, Monopoli

Monopoly is known as the city of a hundred fifes, because of its division into different quarters, each evoking the name of an estate  or a church.

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Easter holidays in Puglia, Matera

A few miles beyond the border of Apulia, is the city of stones. Matera, famous for the historic center dug into the rock, is a gem not to be missed, recognized as World Heritage site by UNESCO.

Where to sleep:
Le Grotte della Civita »»
Sant'Angelo Luxury Resort »»
La Casa di Lucio »»


Manduria, formerly Casalnuovo, is an Italian town of 33.486 inhabitants in the province of Taranto in Puglia.The town, located in northern Salento, is equidistant from Taranto, Lecce and Brindisi. From this comes the city motto "The Salento has a Heart".

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Vinilia Wine Resort  »»


Capital of the same  province, the city of Brindisi has almost 90 million inhabitants and is a major centre of Salento. Thanks to its privileged position on a natural harbour, the city of Brindisi has played an important role in trade and culture. It has been a central “bridge” to the East. 

Where to sleep:
Masseria Palombara »»

This year, Easter is the perfect opportunity to discover Puglia and its ancient traditions

The bridge between East and West, Puglia has always been point of transit for globetrotters and adventurers.
The secular comings and goings of people, goods and ideals can still be felt today in the old world charm, that entices visitors from around the world.

At Easter time, Taranto comes alive with the evocative rites of the Holy Week, culminating in the Procession of the Mysteries on Maundy Thursday.
In Molfetta, Easter celebrations include the procession of saints statues accompanied by the town band and the the faithful.
In San Marco in Lamis young men bind their feet and walk across hot coals, dragging Fracchie, large torches exceeding 5 m in length.

Apulia is a land of sun and sea, which in the spring comes to life and rediscovers its most authentic traditions.

Plan your Easter holidays in Puglia:

  • Make sure you enjoy the tranquility and convenience of the off-season
  • Enjoy the mild and pleasant climate of the Mediterranean spring
  • Witness the spectacle of the evocative rites of Holy Week



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